Not everything is a puzzle. Some items in the room might be red herrings to distract you, puzzles for the other version of the game, or even just decoration,


Use critical thinking, not physical power. None of our puzzles require force. If it is meant to be moved, it will. 


Our games are not necessarily linear, if you find a clue while working on another puzzle,, follow it...or wait, it's up to you.


All clues needed to escape are in the room. You just have to find them. Look around, touch things, they're there, I promise.


Groups will be given 3 free clues while in the room. More clues are available upon request, but your time will not count for the leaderboard.


Cameras are set up to monitor player's safety and to track the progress of the game so we can provide clues.


Please do not take pictures or video of the puzzles in the room.


Please keep clues, combos, and solutions to yourself after you've left the room. Let other's figure it out themselves.


We reserve the right to refuse entry or remove players with no refund or other compensation if they become destructive.


If at any time you need to get out of the room, press the emergency exit button. This will end the game and there will be no refund (unless there is an actual emergency). 

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