Am I actually locked in?

Our doors are held by electromagnets which will unlock if power is lost for whatever reason. There is also an emergency unlock button if you feel the need to get out before the game has ended.

Does the trailer move while we play?

No! While we are a mobile escape room, we only move while no one is inside. The trailer will be parked and secured while you are inside playing the game.

How long does the game take?

You have 20 minutes to escape. If you book a time in advance, please come 5-10 minutes early to insure you start on time.

Do you need to have experience to enjoy the room?

No. Head for the Exit rooms are great for newbies and enthusiasts alike.

Is the trailer comfortable for an escape room?

Yes! Each room will comfortably fit up to 5 people. The trailer is equip with air conditioning and heat to keep the temperature just right. It is also stabilized so no rocking.

Are the rooms scary?

The Magician's Apprentice room has no horror/scary elements at all. The Serial Killer's Cabin is a bit creepier and not recommended for young children. However there will be no jump scares.

Is the trailer wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, the door width may not allow a wheelchair to fit through. Contact ahead of time to see if anything can be arranged.

How much space is needed?

We need at least 60ft to be able to move the trailer and the truck pulling it.  The trailer itself is 28ft long. Ideally, the space should also be pretty flat.

What age do you have to be to participate?

Some of the puzzles may be difficult for kids under the age of 16. Anyone under this age must be accompanied by an adult.

What is your cancellation policy?

Deposit is non-refundable. Change in date can be arranged if contacted at least a week prior to original booking.

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